Working With Problems

Problem Menu

The main menu "Problem" offers the following features:

  • Generate: Generates a new Sudoku, either a normal Sudoku or a X-Sudoku.
  • Solve: Solves the current problem. If the option "Find all Solutions" is checked, all solutions are found.
  • Find Minimal Allocation: Searches for a minimal allocation of the current problem.
  • Show Definitive Values: Fills all cells with a unambigious allocation.
  • Validate: Validates the current allocation.
  • Check: Checks the current allocation, if it is a formal valid Sudoku.
  • Info: Displays information about the current problem including the severity level.
  • Edit Comment: Offers the possibilty to add or change a comment for the current problem. This comment is printed out below the problem.
  • Fix Current Values: Sets the current allocation to "Read Only".
  • Release Current Values: Releases all values, so that values in all cells can be changed.
  • Reset: Resets the current problem.
  • Clear Candidates: Clears all candidates.
  • Abort: Aborts the solving of the current problem or the generation of a new one.